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Pandora´s Box. Interactive Installation


In ancient Greece, Pandora was given a wedding gift by Zeus in the form of a beautiful jar, ofen referred to as a box. The only instruction she was given was never to open it. But curiosity got the best of Pandora, and she eventually opened the box. At that moment, everything evil that we know today was released. Plagues, Greed, War, Murder, Disease and so on. She tried to close it, but it was already too late.


Technology used: Arduino, sensors, kinect and projector. Custom build box and pedestal.


This is our gift to you. Do not open it!

Pandoras Box was a Hyper Island Student project created by students in the Digital Media Creative program, and was exhibited at Hyper Island's 'Fluorescent Space Vibration' interactive installation exhibition in October 2014.



Installation Production/Design: Hell-Sinki Productions: Alvin Marelius, Angelos Malikoutis, Darius Dias, Mali Sagmoen, Mark Vesterlund,Tuomas Laulajainen
Audio: Pandoras Box Soundscape: Mark Vesterlund
Video Edit: Mark Vesterlund