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Developing a new customer journey for NS&I clients

A project I worked on when I was a digital design intern at The Team.


Project span: 5 days sprint (Day 1: Understand, Day 2: Diverge, Day 3: Decide, Day 4: Mapping, Day 5: Design)

Team: 4 people full time

Role: Designer/ UX designer


Project background

The NS&I TCCI programme has been developed to look at ways to improve everyday transactional customer comms, both from an operational perspective and more importantly, the customer experience.

NS&I are currently overwhelming customers with a wealth of information at each transaction, and habitually sending multiple copies of the same documentation as a matter of course. There is an opportunity to streamline this experience and ensure that the right

messages and information is served to the customer, at the right time, in a way that is easier to digest and understand.


Our mission

Develop a new customer journey for comms using current and new channels, suggesting innovations and efficiencies.

Day 1: Understanding the current user journey and mapping it out post-it style.

Day 2: Developed creative ideas for the journey, identifying key touchpoints and suggested innovations. Discussed and assesed our ideas.

Day 3: We had a number of solutions to choose from. This was great, but also a problem, because we needed to choose a handful of these to build into the journey. Through a series of proven exercises, we’ll narrowed the choices down and agreed what we wanted to include.

Day 4-5: Addressed the most appropriate tone of voice according to user interview research. The language we use for conversations with customers can make all the difference as to whether they want to be part of that dialogue, or not. And then we designed the prototypes for the new elements in the user journey, and later presented this for the client.